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We ensure that a World is worth living in by producing secure pipe connections.

Complete solutions for highest requirements in tube and pipe орбитальная сварка preparation up to орбитальная сварка труб – all from one source. Orbitalum Tools GmbH is your competent partner for orbital tube and pipe preparation and орбитальная сварка труб technology for industrial piping systems, prefabrication and maintenance.


Orbitalum Tools develops and produces portable tube saws, tube торцевание под прямым углом machines,
pipe end preparation machines, computer controlled орбитальная сварка труб источник сварочного тока as well as closed and Открытые Орбитальные Сварочные Головки. There are numerous areas of application.

The spectrum ranges from the construction of process plants (ultra pure media e.g. semiconductor, electronic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology; chemical, food and beverage industry, aviation and aerospace technology, shipbuilding), includes the construction of energy plants (power plants, refineries, oil, gas and petrochemical industry) and even utilities (water and gas supply, heating, air conditioning and cooling, as well as sprinkler).


The wide range of products is based on customer requirements. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and is setting high value on sustainability. Our customers appreciate our sound application know-how and our first class customer service. Our continuous success is based on our customer oriented innovations and the quality of our people, products and processes which we constantly strive to improve.


Orbitalum Tools is now a part of the ITW Welding Group, which is world market leader in орбитальная сварка products (MILLER ELECTRIC, HOBART), TIG torches and accessories (WELD-CRAFT), орбитальная сварка consumables and gas equipment (HOBART, ELGA) and automated орбитальная сварка equipment (JETLINE).


We offer all this and more for your benefit:

  • Complete systems for a wide spectrum of applications
  • Reliable, high-quality products
  • Comprehensive service:
    Customer support and training
    Planning tools
  • We fulfil the various technical requirements:
    International standards
    Approvals required for specific countries and applications
  • Effective logistics



Markus Taмм, General Manager, Orbitalum Tools, ITW, Orbimatic, Wachs

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