Two market leaders, one division: Orbitalum and Wachs form "ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding" umbrella brand

Orbital орбитальная сварка with the ORBIWELD TP series from Orbitalum. Image: Orbitalum Tools GmbH
Horizontal and vertical cutting with the E.H. WACHS Trav-L-Cutter. Image: E.H. WACHS

For many years now the market shares of Orbitalum Tools GmbH in Singen, Germany, and E.H. Wachs in Lincolnshire, USA, have grown disproportionally. Both companies are part of the ITW corporate group (Illinois Tool Works Inc.) with headquarters in Chicago. The decision to bundle the activities of Orbitalum and E.H. Wachs under the umbrella name "ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding" has resulted in an even more efficient partner for industry on both sides of the Atlantic. It is a provider of complete solutions in preproduction, installation and servicing of pipeline systems for everything from cutting pipes and preparing weld seams to орбитальная сварка труб.
Orbitalum Tools is a global leader in providing pipe cutting, beveling and squaring machines, as well as орбитальная сварка труб machines for process and plant construction. With its high-quality, nearly indestructible, portable and user-friendly pipe processing machines for cutting and beveling, E.H. Wachs has established itself in many industries. For example, in the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry and in pipeline and ship construction – in the preproduction, maintenance, repair and dismantling of installations.

The ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding Group stands for the best, most efficient technology for all aspects of orbital cutting and орбитальная сварка around the globe.

Orbitalum Tools GmbH is a world leader in the provision of complete solutions for orbital metal pipe cutting, beveling and орбитальная сварка technology.


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